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phrasal verb

also connect some one or something like that right up, hook-up anybody or something back link anyone or something to an item, specifically electronic products.

  • ‘he was installed to an electrocardiograph’
  • ‘There normally a hyperlinks web page, which hooks your to many unusual guide internet and various other author websites.’
  • ‘This is the method in which your computer or laptop or servers tries to generate a network connections via online process, a standard means of hooking this gear upwards.’
  • ‘She informed you in a highly rehearsed sinister build we really should not be alarmed because of the healthcare devices Fay have been installed to.’
  • ‘The sole opportunity the twins weren’t hooked up to life-saving machines is amongst the shipping room and intensive worry.’
  • ‘The cows could be connected towards milking machine and I would-be straddled atop.’
  • ‘For four-hours a-day, 3 days per week, he could be hooked up to a dialysis maker, which works the work of his or her own kidneys and keeps him alive.’
  • ‘On Christmas time Eve, a decade ago, she was actually connected to various gadgets in medical facility after consuming to unwanted.’
  • ‘the girl vital organs are working good, which means that she actually is not connected to a machine.’
  • ‘They addicted him around devices and pumped your full of medications.’
  • ‘The nursing assistant told me which they connect you to a device which takes the bloodstream, centrifuges it, eliminates the platelets and most of the plasma and then gives you back everything else.’
  • ‘One promising way of unlocking the head of paralyzed people is always to hook all of them doing electroencephalograms.’
  • ‘Once you connect it to some other device, it’s going to either overwrite the songs or (should you pick) do-nothing.’
  • ‘bit did the 17-year-old know that 2 days after, he’d getting hooked up to machinery, not in a position to cry for assist.’
  • ‘I checked the machinery he was connected to, making sure his oxygen saturation levels and heart and respiration costs happened to be just what nurses anticipated these to getting.’
  • ‘Every nights he had been connected to a machine at their house in Offerton, Stockport, for 12 hrs to wash their blood.’
  • ‘It can hook up to the Net via a standard landline, or the maker is generally connected to a phone to connect without any cables.’
  • ‘The pets are hooked up to milking machines with timers to them.’
  • ‘Brazelton addicted newborn infants as much as electroencephalographs following exposed these to a flickering light source like a television but with no files.’
  • ‘Do perhaps not hook the maker as much as the world-wide-web, energy it up and tend to forget about it.’
  • ‘What a coupler does is permit you to hold pins throughout your own parts and connect a connection to the hydraulics.’

2 everyday (of two different people) meet or shape a relationship.

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