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Today my mind started smacking me hard in the face.

I’ll start right from the start.

I woke up today around 9 a.m., to your day that is third of 2nd semester of my junior 12 months at Howard Payne University. After making coffee, and starting the entire process of oatmeal and fruit that is fresh we started to read Psalm 119.

I encourage you to stop reading this blog, and begin to read that chapter if you have yet to read this Psalm. It really is so… convicting and profound. Please try not to miss down.

This Psalm is about God’s commandments. It speaks concerning the desire the writer needs to obey those commandments. It speaks regarding how the claims of Jesus are that that are maintaining the writer going. Through the language associated with very first forty verses, that is all about where we paused, your reader plainly views exactly how in love the journalist is with the commandments associated with the Lord.

I became surprised with what I became reading, and nearly aggrivated by the repetition of exactly what the author’s point was. Why? i will be nothing beats this! My heart is certainly not where in actuality the heart of the author that is humble. We prayed that the father would simply take us to that point on those pages, and continued reading. I happened to be composing commentary and critiques of whom I became and the things I lacked when I went.

Sooner or later, the Bible was thrown by me apart and stepped away. I became through with exactly what it absolutely was saying–or simply needed a break. I needed to find refuge in hiding behind my oatmeal and good fresh fruit and coffee.

Exactly why is my heart’s desire to date from exactly what it ought to be?? Why have always been we therefore problematic??

I am aware I should went straight back in my own space to carry on reading it, and I also understand i shall in no time. Rather, We read a little bit of a novel, then launched my laptop computer to complete research for my international practicum course (which visits Honduras following the semester comes to an end for a mission trip–woop woop!).

I felt overwhelmed as I was typing. These words cut through the rest during my head quickly and effortlessly:

“I am manipulative.”

“I figure things out therefore I have my method.”

“I am prideful and selfish.”

“I am sluggish and apathetic.”

And out of nowhere, these words vanished since quickly because they had show up, and then be changed by an even more effective sound that we clung to. It said:


I recently desired to cry.

Yes, we have been flawed. Yes, we have to pursue having a heart that is pure rejoices doing the commands for the Lord. Yes, we must want Him most of all. We must look for Him along with of our heart, heart, head, and energy. He’s our breathing our life our function our hope our love our truth. He could be the fantastic I Will Be.

You are likely to screw up. You will fail. Thank Jesus for mercy and grace. Get dwell in the experience and presence his love and forgiveness. Don’t throw in the towel my buddy. We have been in this together, selected because of the composer of prefer.

If you are disheartened, please keep in mind that this faith is really worth it. This life with He that is Jesus may be worth every minute. You aren’t alone.

Later on I will be…

Next 12 months we plan on…

After university we am going to…

As soon as we have hitched our plans are…

I will be waiting around for a substantial other for so long as…