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LinWalk serves to maximize disadvantaged youth’s success and people that seek success in society by using creative solutions to provide life skills coaching, job placement, and strengthening relationships. We have an innovative approach to life coaching and other services that sets us apart.

Linwalk offers proven programs and works to develop new programs based on the needs of the society, agencies, and the partners it serves. Our approach and efforts are to provide a “one-stop-shop” framework. Our company has developed a business service model, so agencies and organizations do not have to work with multiple agencies to serve their constituency. Test out your chances in starburst spielen. Nor do the youth they serve have to interface with various coaches, counselors, or resources.

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Our Approach

THE BIG DIFFERENCE. LinWalk is built upon the principles of respect and dignity for all its clients. We have an innovative approach to life coaching and other services that sets us apart.

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We sum up the LinWalk difference by two words: People and Process.

People: We take great care in collaborating with elite national staffing agencies who recruit and attract the most qualified independent clinical team who exemplify the best in people development.

Process: As much as we value people, we also place great importance on creating operational efficiencies and best practices through creative approaches and the use of technologies to meet the needs of our clients, the agencies we serve, and their communities.

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Our Pilot programs start at the root of our client’s needs, and we deliver creative solutions to amplify their behaviors and life skills to explore their true capability within themselves for ages 3 to 18.

  • Identify the needs and use creative solutions to maximize their success in the home and community.
  • Assist parents in meeting welfare needs in urban and rural areas for youth and their families.
  • Measure our effectiveness and provide assessment ratings of basic, intermediate, advance, and EXCEL.
  • Build relationships with consumers to facilitate creating a treatment plan.
  • Build relationships with Directors of community programs to build stability for consumers in their community
  • Activities built around educational needs.
  • Build programs based on treatment plans to achieve employment and career goals.
  • Create a summary of positive/negatives for consumers and interventions to the Team to allow LLC Supervisors to address the needs before 1013 or losing placement.
  • Create a connection and build programs using I Ready assessments that keep youth and college-age healthy and progressing in their academic development.
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We measure the results of LinWalk’s programs by a specific criterion. Our goal is to achieve a success rate of 100%.

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Community Support – Involvement

LinWalk strives to be a contributing member and good corporate citizen for each community where our offices exist. We work to
strengthen families by supporting them through programs for their children through our 2243 Project non-profit agency, partners,
and joint ventures.

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2243 Project

THE 2243 Project is a non-profit organization whose aim is to assist in economic empowerment through community involvement and outreach, developing adaptive programs, and partnering with local institutions and organizations.

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